Taking care of all your Family Wealth for future Generations

The creation of a trust structure is only the beginning of the journey to reach the destination of asset protection. Creating Family Trusts to protect your Family and loved ones requires proper administration and exemplary executorship.

Family Trusts

Family trusts provide an effective mechanism to minimise costs on death such as estate duty, capital gains tax and executor fees, as the estate planner is able to freeze that value of growth assets.

Family Wealth Assessment

Families who truly understand wealth tend to organise their family wealth with a business mind-set, with strategy, discipline and a collaborated mission statement. By preparing a net worth statement your family will be able to assess your overall financial situation.

Estate Planning

Estate planning can ensure that you and your family not only derive maximum benefit from your assets during your life time, but also provide for the maximum transfer of wealth to the next generation.

Offshore Structuring

South African entrepreneurs and families have compelling reasons to take their business and assets offshore as the tax rates are far lower. Expert advice and guidance is crucial when seeking to set up a business or trust offshore.

Looking after your Families Financial Future Together

The Greatest Wealth is Family