Investment Structures

Most businesses have a long list of assets. Assets such as physical property, intellectual property, and equipment are important because they increase the value of a business. However, the act of securing assets can be quite complex for those unfamiliar with investing. When it comes to purchasing assets, there are a wide variety of investment structures that a business could use. Investment structures define the way in which assets are owned. For example, assets can be owned by an individual under their own name, as a partnership, as a company, and as a trust.

Depending on the asset class and investment style, assets can be purchased using investment structures including single-asset funds, multi-manager funds, and multi-asset funds. The type of investment structure chosen may depend on a variety of factors- particularly shareholder risk protection.

Investment structures can be quite confusing to comprehend for most business owners. If you are feeling confused or overwhelmed, it may be time to reach out to us at TAT Accountant. At TAT Accountant, we employ a team of experienced and dedicated account managers that can oversee every financial aspect of your business, including investment structures. We offer cost-efficient, quality services that are always completed efficiently and delivered in a timely manner. Working with an accounting firm in regards to investment structures can make your life much easier.

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