Spotlight Reporting is the award-winning reporting and forecasting application for the Xero Accounting Package. (Winner of the App Partner of the Year Award in 2015 and 2016)

Fully customisable for all sizes of businesses, Spotlight It is integrated to work seamlessly with the Xero Accounting Package. Spotlight Reporting offers business owners and accountants the easiest and most accurate method to maintain error-free reporting and forecasting with data entered into Xero.

You can generate full, and as detailed as you need, performance reports, customised dashboard, three-way financial forecasts, and consolidated reports for large, multi-entity businesses and Franchise businesses – with the click of a button.

Using unique features and Industry templates, you can generate any report using actual data, or any forecast with actual and budget data, from Xero.

Spotlight reports and forecasts also include:

  • Action Plans
  • Cashflow Forecasting
  • Executive Summaries
  • Advanced consolidated reports – including multi-currency reports, and inclusive of inter-company eliminations.

Step-by-step: Spotlight Reporting integrate with Xero:

In Spotlight:

  1. Set up your organisation – give it a name, location an internal ID (optional)
  2. Select Xero as your ‘data source’. This will take you to your Xero page, where you will log in, select your organisation, and click on ‘Allow Access’. You’ll be redirected back to Spotlight’s Import Page.
  3. Select your data range and click on ‘Import Data’.

It’s that easy: 1-2-3!

Spotlight Reporting also works with Xero HQ:

Import Data from other sources:

  • Data can be added to Spotlight reports from packages such as WorkflowMax, from programs such as EXCEL, and even from Google Analytics. You can also add non-financial KPI information.
  • Set up Alerts to manage tasks and work-flow:

Spotlight can function as a digital ‘secretary’ – alerting you to generate reports. It can also be set to provide related product information to assist you in making full use of the functionality.

TAT Accounting has been working with Spotlight for many years finding the integration seamless and excellent for most sized companies. Don’t ask – How does Spotlight Reporting integrate with Xero? Give us a call and we will assist you with your integration.

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