Company Name Changes

Do you need to change the Name of your CC or Company?

The Accounting Team will reserve your new Company Name and amend it at the CIPC. As a Company changes its vision or grows, it may be required to rebrand or change its Company Name. To formally change a Company’s name on the Company’s Registration Documentation at CIPC, a Name Amendment has to be completed at CIPC. The Accounting Team provides this Company Amendment service.

Some of the advantages:

  • Trademarks- You will be able to protect this new Company name by ‘Trademarking’ it, dependent on the clearance of South Africa’s Trademark Board.
  • Rebranding -If registering a new name for your Company at the CIPC, you will be able to legally trade under this new Company name and your branding can change accordingly.
  • Banking – you will be able to amend your Company name on your bank account as well.

Requirements for Company Name changes

  • A CK Document or COR14.3.
  • 4 potential name options.

The Process:

  1. Search – we search the availability of the new Company Name you want.
  2. Name Reservation – If your preferred Company Name is available, we reserve that Company Name with CIPC. If your desired Company Name is already used, we will assist you to register an alternative Company Name suitable for your industry.
  3. Name Amendment – After we have reserved your Company Name and received your required documentation, we will amend your Company Certificate at CIPC.
  4. Company Certificate Delivery – CIPC will amend your Company Certificate and deliver

Re branding or changing your Business Vision, we can assist with Company Name Changes

Time for a Change