Tax Solutions and Advice for Business, Personal or Trusts

TAT Accounting shows its experience by assisting you with all types of tax, including business, personal, offshore and trusts. We are the first to know about any changes in the tax statutory and help you make your tax decisions according to Government requirements.

Tax Solutions

The Accounting Team always strives to ensure that our clients are not exposed to potential or unnecessary risk with South African Revenue Services. The Accounting Team provides to a diverse client base, and our client profile consists of private companies, close corporations, trusts, non-profit organisations, sole proprietors, and individuals.

Business Tax Planning

Business Owners pay taxes regularly, therefore focusing on tax planning should be a regular occurrence. Proactive business owners plan so that they can avoid missed opportunities and capitalize on scores of perfectly legal opportunities to lower their taxes.

Personal Tax Planning

Effective personal tax planning is not something that is done when you submit your tax return. Diligent people who reduce their tax liability are those that consider the tax consequences of every transaction or investment they make. The Accounting Team knows some clever ways to get your filings in order and save money when you submit your personal tax return.

Tax Structure Assessment

A Tax structure assessment is unique to each individual and there is no blueprint, thus it is advised to get advice from a person or company that has a thorough understanding of Tax across all it’s many facets.

Offshore Tax Structure Assessment

In reviewing your Tax structure, a thorough review of both your personal and business assets will be required. In most instances, High net worth individuals would benefit from diversifying a portion of their assets into an offshore investment scheme.

Wills and Trusts

As a result of recent legislative changes, the tax structures some financial planners have set up solely to assist clients avoid or defer donations tax and estate duty might no longer be effective. We assist in creating unique solutions that protect your inheritance and family wealth.

Tax Advice

Relying on bad tax advice could have serious financial consequences. As tax experts, we pride ourselves in our technical proficiency, but more so in our ability to use our top-class skill in a practical way to your benefit.

Tax legal Assistance

You have diligently completed your tax return on time and to the best of your ability, but the assessment you receive back from SARS reflects a different result from the one you anticipated. The Accounting Team assists you in submitting a request for correction.

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