Offshore Tax Structure Assessment

In reviewing your Tax structure, a thorough review of both your personal and business assets will be required. In most instances, High net worth individuals would benefit from diversifying a portion of their assets into an offshore investment scheme.

An Offshore Tax structure assessment is unique to each individual and needs to be done as a holistic review of the individuals entire tax exposure. When considering Offshore Tax structures, you are advised to get advice from a person or company that has a thorough understanding of Tax and tax solutions across all its many facets, including business tax, personal tax, trust tax and offshore tax opportunities.

Offshore opportunities offer added value in hedging against domestic currency and sovereign risk.

The Accounting Team can design an offshore portfolio that caters for your own specific investment goals and objectives that complements your investment strategy for a diversified portfolio, including:

  • Tailored international portfolios
  • International trading account
  • Portfolio of international mutual funds

We come together as a team to create a diversified and unique tax solution for your assets to protect your wealth.

Diversifying your assets into offshore investments the intelligent way

Diversify and Balance