Tax Solutions

The Accounting Team dedicated to providing cost effective, accurate, and legitimate taxation solutions and services to our clients.

Of late there has been a shift from tax planning towards tax risk planning, caused as a result of ever-changing legislation and increased emphasis being placed on compliance by SARS.

The Accounting Team always strives to ensure that our clients are not exposed to potential or unnecessary risk with South African Revenue Services. The Accounting Team provides to a diverse client base, and our client profile consists of private companies, close corporations, trusts, non-profit organisations, sole proprietors, and individuals.

Corporate Tax Solutions – Keeping you compliant

Our compliance team will ensure that you meet all their legal obligations in relation to completing and submitting your tax returns. The Accounting Team will review income tax assessments and statements of account as well as maintain comprehensive tax records on your behalf. We are experienced at lodging objections and appeals with SARS when necessary. The Accounting Team will conduct accrual reviews ensuring fair presentation of the taxation section of a company’s annual financial statements.


The tax profession has a strong role to play in assisting in the development of tax regimes around the world and that they remain effective.

In our daily activities:

  • We work in accordance with the ethical framework applicable to our profession, as well as our own firm’s stated purpose, values and code of conduct.
  • We contribute to the development and operation of a tax system that is fit for purpose and understood.
  • We help our clients and our people make informed, balanced and considered decisions on tax, understanding the broader stakeholder context; this includes advising on tax incentives introduced by Governments.

We work with our professional associations to maintain the quality of our tax advice and to ensure that it is undertaken within a robust ethical framework. We welcome comments on the work that we do and continually look for ways to ensure that these frameworks are relevant, up to date and operate to the highest standards.


The Accounting Teams corporate tax consulting specialists are experienced in advising clients on the tax consequences of their arrangements, in comprehensive tax planning and the implementation thereof. We issue written opinions on all corporate income tax and capital gains tax issues.

We conduct corporate income tax reviews as standalone reviews or as part of tax accrual reviews, tax optimisation reviews, and tax due diligence reviews.

Our corporate tax consulting team advises on the corporate tax and capital gains tax consequences of all major issues, including:

  • Business-exits, disposals and valuations
  • Depreciation allowances
  • Dividends tax
  • Group restructuring, mergers and acquisitions
  • Profit extractions
  • Shareholder and owner issues
  • Tax health checks
  • Tax risk frameworks
  • Tax incentives

Providing cost effective, accurate, and legitimate taxation solutions and services to our clients

Tax Solutions