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POPI Information Officer registration and responsibilities

In terms of the PoPI Act a POPI Information Officer (“IO”) must be registered with the regulator.

As the designated POPI Information Officer you are ultimately responsible for encouraging, and ensuring compliance with PoPI and will be the key contact with whom the Regulator will liaise with on any investigative matters. You will also be responsible for the processing of information requests made in terms of the Regulation.

In addition to the ultimate responsibilities listed above, here’s a quick look at the detailed roles and responsibilities that you, as an Information Officer, are required to fulfill:

  1. Every Information Officer must ensure that a Compliance Framework is developed. This framework must then be implemented across all business operations and should be monitored and updated regularly.
  2. The IO must conduct a Personal Information Impact Assessment. This assessment needs to be performed in order to demonstrate that personal information is processed lawfully and in accordance with the requirements of PoPI.
  3. The IO must ensure that a PoPI Manual is developed. Additionally, the IO is responsible for maintaining the manual and ensuring its availability.
  4. Requests for information are the responsibility of the Information Officer. The IO must ensure adequate procedures are in place to process such requests.
  5. Additionally the IO is required to ensure all staff attend adequate PoPI awareness training.

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