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January 30, 2019
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Assurance versus Insurance – do you know the difference?

In the financial world, there is a major difference between the terms “assurance” and “insurance.” However, the average person may assume that these two terms are synonymous. After all, they both sound similar! In fact, even Google compares the terms life assurance and life insurance as if they were the same thing. However, the truth is that these are two very different financial services. Here is a breakdown of the differences between assurance and insurance:

Assurance vs. Insurance

Both assurance and insurance provide financial coverage and support, but for different periods. While insurance is for a finite period of time, assurance is not. Assurance coverage is typically purchased for an event that is sure to happen- like death- whereas insurance is purchased for a set period of time. While the difference between assurance and insurance is subtle, it’s also very important.

Life assurance vs. Life insurance

The best way to explain the difference between assurance and insurance is through life coverage. Life insurance provides life coverage for a certain period of time. For example, if the life coverage is for five years, then it will only cover financials for that period of time. If the person dies when the policy is active (i.e. within the five years), your life insurance beneficiaries will receive a tax-free sum of money from the insurance company. However, if you live through this policy, they will not receive the money. Very few people understand this “catch” regarding life insurance.

With life assurance, you are covered all the way until death. This means that, regardless of when the policyholder passes away, their beneficiaries will receive a payment. There are many reasons why life assurance is more beneficial than life insurance. It provides more comfort and reassurance than most life insurance policies.

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