Value 1 – Resilience

We have a never give up attitude, we promise to always look and find a solution to any given problem. We do our best at all times and it creates hope, growth and a sense of achievement.

The power of learning by sharing new ideas received from others to improve self-confidence.

We strive to be experts at what we do. We will never stop learning, measuring, and experimenting. We offer the best service.

We will endeavour to maintain company into a well-oiled, we will be highly productive and we work smarter than our competition.

We will never become complacent. We will not allow our competitors to out-perform us.

Value 2 – Positivity

Always be working to improve self and others – for better next time. Believing we can achieve anything we put our minds to. Open in how we work and communicate respectfully.

Creating positive productivity – Team engagement. Uplifting others. Being a better advisor to your client, thereby creating a better client for the advisor.

We always be optimistic and positive in everything we approach.

Value 3 – Innovation

Continuous improvement in how we do things – not accepting the status quo or be mediocre, constantly improving service delivery.

Open to change, Solution-focused, Sharing ideas with others.

Having a purpose – being goal orientated. Achieving goals – delivering on promises.

Growth – Empowering yourself and others. Improvement in how we work and live.

We want people for whom it’s more than “just a day job.” You can show it’s more than just a job by giving feedback, suggesting ideas, going the extra mile to impress a client, sharing stuff you learned.

Value 4 – Value yourself & others

Mutual respect and having boundaries and understanding. Never sell yourself short or accept less. If you can’t add value – walk away.

Do your best, take ownership & responsibility. Have empathy and don’t be a prick!

Pricks, no matter how talented, cannot work here.

We only want people who continually improve and strive to be the best they can be to work here.

We want people one day to look back on their journey and be proud of what they achieved here at our company and in their careers.

We only want staff who really care about the people that work here, the client and the service we offer. We only want clients that really care about the people that work here and their businesses.

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