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Family Trust

“I’m thankful for what I’ve got, but I’m cramming all my money into a trust fund because I don’t ever want to look around and wonder where all my money went.”

Tiffany Darwish

We help Clients create and preserve their family wealth to be able to leave a legacy for their children and generations to come.

Family trusts provide an effective mechanism to minimise costs on death such as estate duty, capital gains tax and executor fees, as the estate planner is able to freeze that value of growth assets.

In spite of the ongoing uncertainty about how trusts will be taxed in South Africa in the future, trusts remain a very useful estate planning tool and are widely used for a number of purposes.

However, if a trust is not formed or administered correctly, it can create a nightmare that acts against the very reason for forming it in the first place. Anyone thinking of setting up a trust needs not only to make sure that they are creating a valid legal structure, but also to understand the nature of the trust, the duties of trustees, and the rights of beneficiaries.

Our guide is designed to help anyone involved with a trust understand the key elements of forming and administering a trust in South Africa.


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Protect your Families Wealth with a Family Trust

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