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Enterprise Risk Management

ERM (enterprise risk management) should be used as a source of new ideas for your company instead of being seen as a compliance enterprise. Too often risks and threats to businesses are based on technology, which means that these challenges can also be used as opportunities.

Disruption can mean the difference between success and failure for many businesses in this continuously evolving world. A key driver of a company’s success and long-term sustainability is the ability to see the opportunity hidden by these many risks.

At The Accounting Team, we understand how to help companies get the most value from their ERM programmes and systems. Understanding and knowing the enterprise risk management systems that add the most value, are usually integrated into business as usual, with staff members already identifying risks and opportunities in the normal course of their work. By training your staff on the importance of risks and opportunities, they can begin to share that awareness with management.

The Accounting Team Enterprise Risk management programs that add value:

  • Risk handling, identification and management planning
  • Quantitative and qualitative risk analyses reporting and implementation
  • Due diligence assessments, independent third-party research, surveys, market studies and feasibility studies.
  • Project monitoring and management managing cost overruns, delays, revenue losses, health and safety incidents, quality failures, regulatory non-compliance, contractual disputes, reputation damage and stakeholder dissatisfaction at every phase of your projects, operations and business activities

Trade risk and collateral management

Ensure your transactions are secure with steps taken to ensure you have taken all the steps to comply with rules, regulations and industry best practices.

The Accounting Team is one of South Africa’s leading provider of business continuity management delivered by highly skilled experts. Our fully managed services include enterprise risk management services that are designed to enhance businesses vitality and resilience in an age increasing threats.

Risk management from The Accounting Team – helping you identify and manage risks for your projects, operations and everyday business activities. Whatever your industry or size of your business, you need to ensure the safe execution and maintenance of your projects, operations and business activities.

The Accounting Team is a leading provider of risk management services; we can help you minimize your risks. Our project specialists and technical experts offer you assistance at every stage, for any sector, anywhere in South Africa

Risk Management is the key to your Future Business Success

Never Underestimate your Risks