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Factoring invoices for immediate cash flow could be the solution to your business growth.

Factoring invoices is meant to offer a monetary respite when you are expecting money that will be able to repay this short term loan. When your business is doing well, but you have difficulties with managing your cash flow, you would want a flexible and reliable solution. The factoring (also know as bridging loans) can be a good choice as long as they come from a reputable provider. Factoring Finance invoice loans could be the solution to getting your cash flow back on track.

The fastest way to get funding for your business.

Bridgement is an online invoice factoring facility and its perfect for businesses with ongoing cash flow needs. It is a simple online application that can have cash in your pocket within 24 hours. Fast,flexible and fair funding to make your business succeed which Improves your cash flow and makes for excellent financial management, without any paperwork.

The Process – Simple and Easy online access with no Paperwork

1. Apply in two minutes
Create your free account in under 2 minutes. Connect your accounting software at a click of a button and they will begin importing your invoices. No need for manual uploads.

2. Select an invoice
View which of your invoices are available for a Bridgement advance. Select one (or many) by simply clicking “Get Paid”.

3. Get paid
Review the advance fee, accept the payment schedule and the funds will be sent your way!

4. Pay them when it suits you
Pay them back over 12 weekly debit orders or request an early settlement anytime before and you’ll save on the remaining fees!

The Benefits

  • Funding in 24 Hours – Register in 2 minutes. Once you’re approved, sell invoices in seconds.
  • Flexible Finance – Pay as you go and sell one invoice or many. Repay whenever you want without any cancellation charges.
  • Full Transparency – Always know the exact cost. A simple low fee per invoice advanced, without any surprises.
  • Discreet – Your customers won’t know you received a Bridgement advance on an invoice you issued to them.
  • A single simple fee per amount advanced – Always know what you’re paying and only pay for what you use. No hidden fees, no surprises.
  • Simple – A single simple fee per amount advanced to you. Only pay for what you use.
  • Flexible – Repay early whenever you want without any cancellation penalties. Save on outstanding fees.
  • Fair – Competitive rates, dynamically calculated based on your business profile and invoice quality.
  • Transparent – Always know what you’re paying and relax knowing there are no hidden account or application fees.

Factoring invoices can dramatically improve your business cash flow and debtors management, boosting your company growth. Your factored invoices guarantee income and release monetary assets that would otherwise be tied up in invoices. Invoices are essentially assets belonging to your business but which have not yet been paid by debtors. Bridging this gap using factored invoices is perfect for companies that rely on invoicing and wish to fund periods of rapid growth.

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