Spotlight Reporting is an award-winning application that integrates with the Xero accounting software package. Along with Xero, it is easily the best financial management tool on the market today. Our overview of Spotlight Reporting is one of excellence, we use it – so we know!

Spotlight Reporting is not just a reporting app; it is also a forecasting app. In effect, this makes it the perfect application to:

  • generate every report you and your business might need – including performance reports, and consolidations (including between multi-department companies with diverse operations, franschise businesses and business working across borders in multiple currencies).
  • customise reports (including customised templates that work best for your business and within your industry)
  • generate forecast reports to help you with your financial and operational planning

Why accountants use and recommend Spotlight Reporting:

Spotlight Reporting has been developed for integration with the Xero accounting package. So, it works seamlessly with it. No snags and niggles and issue with data transfer between Xero and Spotlight.

As an application, it is updated along with updates to the Xero accounting package. This, along with the fact that is an app specific to Xero, means it won’t become outdated. It’s a progressive app. Together with Xero, it’s deigned to keep up and simplify increasingly complex financial and compliance requirements for businesses.

Spotlight Reporting is used around the world – for a reason. It’s quality and value for a businesses and accountants has been acknowledged two years in a row. Spotlight Reporting won the international ‘App of Year Award in 2015 and 2016’.

It’s ideal for businesses with multiple operations, including international operations in multiple countries.

Overview of Spotlight Reporting and what it can do:

Import any data or data set from Zero from a cutomised dashboard – at the press of a button, to generate:

  • Full performance reports
  • Advanced consolidations
  • Three-way forecasts

Your accountants can use Spotlight reporting to generate reports remotely through the cloud. This takes huge strain off your bookkeepers (or you) and this creates an effortless and streamlined relationship. A partnership that ensures full record-keeping, compliance, internal controls and aids in watertight financial and tax planning.

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