When it comes to supplier invoices and receipt management, many people will tell you that it’s one of the most loathed aspects of their business and keeping these are a huge headache.

Needing to keep receipts in one place for eventual submission to accountants can lead to problems such as lost or missing receipts which can hinder and delay account processing, as well as leading to being non-compliant for taxation purposes. Not only can this waste time but also money and cause a lot of undue stress to both you and your accountant.

What is Dext Receipt Bank and Why use it?

Dext is a mobile application that completely changes how receipts and supplier invoice handling is done. Gone are the days of having to file papers away for their eventual submission and worrying that you have every single document in place.

With this useful mobile app, business owners and individuals can simply take a photograph of their receipt or supplier’s invoice and then send it via the app to their accountant who then processes it.

This streamlined and optimise process creates zero paper waste and also eliminates the need for data entry, which in turn creates a faster process for everyone involved.

Why try the Dext Receipt Bank free trial?

The application is an easy way to keep track of all your expenses and invoices without needing to keep bulky files and stacks of paper around. The use of this application can help promote and foster a better working relationship with your accountant, regardless of whether you use one for business or personal reasons.

Manage Receipts by scanning them Anywhere, Anytime

Dext is the ultimate way to manage your receipts. Snap a picture of any old paper or digital proof and we’ll extract all necessary data for you in less than 3 seconds, including time/date stamping!

With Dext’s receipt scanning software conveniently located on smartphones & tablets anywhere there’s an internet connection (and even through our app), keeping track has never been easier—since publishing companies are always just one tap away from accessing account statements directly through their accounting programs.

Easy Expense Management

With Dext’s expense & invoice management software, you can forget about messy or missing documents. You will have all the receipts and bills in one place so that it is easy to record them when they happen – saving time later on!

Some common questions about Dext Receipt Bank

How does Dext Prepare work?

The Dext Prepare program is a great way for small businesses to keep their books in order. This accounting software helps you manage all of the receipts, invoices and other documents that are necessary when running an efficient business!

How does Dext help manage my cashflow?

Dext is a business owner’s best friend. Whether you’re trying to figure out where that spending went or just need an up-to date view of your finances, Dext has all the documents at hand for it!

How does Dext protect my data?

With Dext, your personal information is safe. We don’t even store bank details and all records are protected by encryption on a dedicated team of security experts!

How can Dext automate my bookkeeping?

With Dext’s automation, you can accurately extract data from supplier invoices and expenses. All captured effortlessly with a few clicks of the mouse!

As technological advances progress, more and more accounting firms are choosing to go paperless and use apps such as Dext to keep track of their client’s supplier invoices and receipts, and so to stay in the now, the use of apps is essential for both businesses and individuals

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