Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank takes your business into being paperless easily and reduces data entry into your Xero accounting package dramatically. Receipt Bank is the automated document management application designed for small to mid-sized businesses. Receipt Bank seamlessly integrates with Xero, which simplifies data capture information including invoices and receipts.

Users can integrate Receipt Bank into their current Xero accounting software which will allow seamless integration between the applications allowing for easy viewing all uploaded receipts and documents prior to publishing – or exporting the items into the Xero accounting software.

Users can submit invoices and receipts into Receipt Bank using a variety of methods including the available mobile app or simply emailing the invoice to Receipt Bank. Using the mobile app, users can snap a photo of a document or receipt and simply upload the image file directly into Receipt Bank. User can also opt to provide access to Receipt Bank to vendors, enabling them to submit invoices to Receipt Bank directly.

Receipt Bank supports multi-currency invoices and receipts. Users simply upload receipts and invoices in the native currency and Receipt Bank then converts the total into the default currency using conversion rates that were effective on the transaction date.

Receipt Bank administrators can set up invoice/receipt approvers, which are responsible for viewing and approving all invoices submitted by basic users. Administrators can approve any submitted expenses or other documentation as needed. The product seamlessly integrates with Xero.

Receipt Bank is ideal for small to medium size businesses that need to manage multiple receipts monthly. The Accounting Team has a vast experience with Receipt Bank and recommends it to all their clients with multiple invoices and receipts, call us to assist you with Receipt Bank and Xero integration.


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