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June 4, 2019
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SARS Tax Assessment dispute can be done

Can I dispute a SARS Tax Assessment?

If you are wondering if you can dispute a SARS tax assessment, the answer is, ‘yes, you can!’ You have a right to dispute, and you have the right to know exactly how SARS have come their figures.

The question you should really be asking is ‘how do I dispute my SARS assessment?’ There are certain channels you need to go through and procedures to be followed to dispute a SARS tax assessment. It’s essential that you do it in the right way, in the right time-frame.

The first step would be submitting your tax return on time. Although this is not part of the dispute process, it will give you a solid leg to stand on if the SARS assessment of your tax return does not match with yours.

There are two paths to disputing the Assessment, depending on what you think has gone wrong:

  • If you think that SARS has captured your information incorrectly, due to your error, you can submit a Request for Correction, supplying them with the correct information.
  • If you think that SARS has the correct information, and has captured it correctly, but made an error in their assessment the amount of tax you need to pay, you’ll need to submit an ‘Objection’. This has to be made within 30 days of your assessment being returned to you. It’s also essential that you detail very clearly the reasons for the objection. Accuracy is important because once you have submitted your objection, SARS has the right to either ‘allow’ it, or ‘disallow’ it.

SARS also has the right to request supporting documentation from you, or any other detail they require. SARS must do this within 30 days, and you have, again, 30 days to respond.

So, yes, it’s simple to dispute your SARS tax assessment, but you can avoid what could become a long and drawn out process, by submitting an accurate tax return at the outset. Tax can be a complicated business especially for business tax. The government is always changing the legislature so tax assessments are not the same from one year to the next. It is an accountants job to keep abreast of all the changes and give you the best tax solutions and advice for that particular tax year. TAT can provide such expertise and avoid all the stress and anxiety that comes with a tax assessment. Contact us and we can have a look at your tax situation.